3D / Auto Segmentation

Three Dimensional (3-D) display of MRI images using RevColor MRI Technology to provide superior automatic segmentation.


Segmentation of MRI images involves the clear delineation of organs and features. Segmentation of MRI images (by manual, supervised, unsupervised or automatic means) is an absolute prerequisite for high quality 3-D rendering. Currently segmentation is either done by manual means requiring extensive specialized labor or automatically with unacceptably poor results. By using the natural boundaries resulting from fused color (ref pat #5,410,250) to articulate the organ and feature boundaries, high quality automatic segmentation can be achieved.

The process first requires registration of the multiple MRI sets (T1, T2, PD, etc.) in order to correlate the spatial characteristics across the multiple parameters. The images are then fused through a color fusion method. The resultant image is a highly accurate segmented fused image with clear boundaries. This fused image can then be submitted to a 3-D rendering engine to produce a highly accurate 3-D image.

Competitive Advantage

Nobody has an automatic segmentation methodology which is accurate.  Currently, there is no reasonable method for rendering MRI as a clinically appropriate 3-D visualization which incorporates segmentation based on the sum (Gestalt) of the parameters available in MRI  (T1,T2, PD, etc.).