Safety Syringe

  • One-handed operation
  • Safety feature cannot be deactivated
  • Eliminating needle sticks - hands stay behind the needle
  • Remains protective through disposal
  • Lowest cost of any auto-retractable syringe
  • Patented vacuum technology
The RevVac™ safety syringe operates the same as a standard conventional syringe. No additional training, skills, or procedures are necessary. It works on a simple concept, where retracting and pressing the plunger creates a robust vacuum at the time of use. When the plunger reaches the bottom, after all medicine is administered, a further push on the plunger breaks the seal, and the needle retracts into the plunger. The syringe cannot be reused. The RevVac™ Safety Syringe is FDA Cleared.

RevVac™ Safety Syringe